Make A Difference

Impacting our World

The word impact is defined as "a forcible contact between two things" and God designed our life for a collision course with the world.  The love and transforming power of God that has been shed abroad in our hearts is what is on a collision course with the world. Each letter of iMpact World personifies this love in a powerful and practical way that will impact the world we live in.


I love what Mother Teresa said when asked about feeding the world.  She said you start with feeding one.  We impact our world by starting with serving and being a blessing to one. 

Our time is a valuable commodity so let's use it to impact our world.  There are many wonderful and impacting ways to get involved and make a difference.​

God has bestowed gifts or Talents to you to use for His Kingdom.  How might God want to use your Talent to partner with us to make a difference in the world.​

From supplying clean drinking water to planting churches, there are various ways you can take ownership with your God-given Treasure.  Let's change the world together.

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14232 Birdella Drive

Williamsburg, VA 23188

LWiutz, FL 33558

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