The best way to be involved with the Foundation is to be a Partner according to what God has burdened your heart with. 



Did you ever realize that two-thirds of God is GO?  You can GO on a number of Projects or can be Partnered with various churches or organizations.  What is stirring in your heart and let's find a way for you to GO where your heart is being stirred. 


When reading the first verse in the Books of Luke and Acts did you ever wonder why they are addressed to Theophilus?  Most scholars believe he was instrumental in supplying the resources for Paul's missionary journeys.  How about being a sponsor for a Circuit Rider called to preach the Gospel where the Holy Spirit directs them to?


Your Corporation can take ownership of various projects including supplying clean water or building a School, Medical Clinic, Orphanage or Church.  You could take on a Project that alleviates suffering among children.  The possibilities are endless!


We want to give an opportunity to those who would want to donate financially.  We thank you for your seed that will make an Impact in the lives of people.


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14232 Birdella Drive

Williamsburg, VA 23188

LWiutz, FL 33558

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