I believe America is on the precipice of the Third Great Awakening.  The Circuit Rider Model starting with local churches can be a tool of this Awakening. The Holy Spirit is networking the various pieces of this Third Great Awakening together and partnering with Circuit Rider visionaries will be a puzzle piece to this Awakening.


The opportunity to provide clean water will always be at the forefront of this foundation.  One in eight people on planet earth do not have access to clean water with that percentage even higher in Africa.  We are partnering with Operation Blessing to build wells for just $2,000 in various countries in Africa.


Working with organizations in both Mozambique and Uganda to go into remote villages building a water well and multi-purpose building that would serve as a church, school, orphanage and medical clinic. The plan is to visit Mozambique and Uganda in 2016 to start this process of transformation.



One of my greatest passions is leadership and building and serving a Core Team of 12 leaders around the world in the 100 Million Souls Campgain is invigorating. I am also excited to travel with EQUIP to train leaders in a countries.  I love and believe very strongly in what John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership."


The Ebola Virus has claimed many lives in three particular countries in Africa.  Alleviating suffering among children has been at the core of Impact World from the beginning.  There are countless ways we alleviate suffering and look to empower people to step out and do what God put in their heart to do in alleviating suffering among children.


Have a Model for Circuit Riders along with building a Team of Circuit Riders who will bring a Revival Spirit to where God leads them.  I am working with my local church and partnering with people who have the same vision.  I am partnering with Evangelist Mike Francen building a Core Team around the world to see 100 Million Souls come to salvation in Christ.